Union Homes Savings & Loan Plc Repositioning Through Resilience & Co-operation with over 29 years’ Experience.

Union Homes is Nigeria’s leading mortgage finance institution. Since its inception in 1994, it has continued to excel in its operations in Nigeria’s housing sector.

Union Homes provides mortgage finance services, builds estates, funds estate developers and estate development, supports investors in housing schemes even at state government levels, and purchases houses and estates for resale to corporate and private customers within and outside Nigeria.

Its mortgage loan portfolio has continued to grow, and its profile of intermediation services, one of the best in Nigeria, has posted Union Homes as flag bearer of Nigeria’s mortgage sector. Evidences abound mostly in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Aba and Uyo. In each metropolis, the company’s well-focused strategic planning and investments have housed hundreds of families without any rigours associated with urban housing.

Expressed in more than 1,500 housing units at Abuja, over 700 housing units of various categories located in different estates and parts of Lagos, more than 300 self-contained bungalows at an estate in Aba, and the new sprawling APICO/Shelter Afrique Estate at Uyo, Union Homes projects continue to grow from day to day.

The company has bramches in various parts of Nigeria, all interconnected. Union Homes funded the development of Tanus Properties and Wilbahi Properties Estates in the Federal Capital Territory.

Driven by active management, proactive strategies and good financial profile,Union Homes is Nigeria’s first mortgage institution to invest offshore through partnership and equity in HFC Bank (Ghana) Ltd.

Jointly with South Africa’s Distribution and Warehousing Network Limited (DAWN), Union Homes set up Saffer Union (West Africa) Limited. Saffer Union is aimed at supporting a robust housing finance system that guarantees a sustained supply of quality building materials at affordable prices. Consequently, the company markets a wide range of durable building materials and housing-interior accessories.

Union Homes’ unmatched record in housing delivery and the high acceptance of its products are derived from its good parental leadership, extensive goodwill, wide branch network, strong assets base, growing information technology, and well-planned market drives.